Test Format Descriptions
  The midstream test represents the latest one-step qualitative test technology. Simply hold the tip of the device directly in the urine stream and read the result a few minutes later. No collection cups are necessary and droppers are eliminated. Primarily used for pregnancy and ovulation testing, the midstream test is rapidly becoming the most popular over-the-counter test kit.
  QuikPac II Cassette
  The QuikPac II test is a one step card or cassette device. Add specimen and an accurate, visually determined result appears in just minutes. Disposable and inexpensive, the QuikPac II test is an effective alternative to conventional, labor intensive laboratory testing techniques.
  QuikPac IV Cassette
  The QuikPac IV Whole Blood Test incorporates new multilayer filtration and immunoassay systems in a single module, allowing both the pretreatment of whole blood sample and the immunochromatographic detection assay to be performed in one step. Just add required drop of whole blood to the sample well on the cassette, place buffer in the buffer well, wait for required time and read results.
  QuikStrip Dipstick
  The QuikStrip dipstick is a compact alternative to the QuikPac II. It is reliable, accurate and includes a built-in performance control. Dip the device directly into a specimen sample and a result appears within minutes.
  Microwell EIA (ELISA)
  The Microwell enzyme immunoassay (EIA) gives qualitative, semi-quantitative, or quantitative results. It is designed for laboratory use and is ideal for testing large quantities of sample specimens while keeping the per-test-cost to a minimum.
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